SMART CARGO Management – Essential for your Supply Chain

Covid-19 has put a restriction on our movements and where we can go. It even affects the economy and may have reduced the efficiency of some transportation services. Despite that, it is even more crucial that the necessary business operation carry on as usual without fail in order to move out of the current predicament.

One of the most fundamental and essential business operations nationwide is logistic. The supply chain is the foundation for most industry as it ensures the available of materials and good necessary even to start the core process of most companies. Whether its manufacturer, retail or something else, all could benefit from the quality of supply chain management(SCM) that they have at their disposal. However, for multiple companies, this operation has suffered setbacks due to the ongoing pandemic.

While the pandemic is still ongoing, the necessity of SCM continues as usual thus securing a need for reliable system that could deliver the efficiency and results most organization needs.

SMART Cargo Management

As a prime example of IoT advancement, SMART Cargo Management is a container capacity sensor that is develop by MaCh eX that uses its own unique modules to deliver quality transportation through its unique functions.

The main Smart Cargo Management Module will be handled by the operator and is able to remotely control the container while obtaining real time information by connecting with a sensor with a micro controller positioned inside the container.

Due to the sensor small size, the space it takes up inside the cargo in negligible when organizing the capacity of storage when transporting. It can perform its function without reducing the capacity limit of the transportation container.

Despite being small, it uses an in-house developed IoT Orchestrator that reads multiple sensors data such as Container capacity, GPS, Speed, door open/close status, G force, package and transmit it to the cloud for storage. The information could then be retrieved from the cloud for monitoring and analyzing. Additionally, darkness is not a problem for the sensor

By obtaining real time information such as capacity, speed, it allows the operator to make decision faster and more accurately determine the best choice given any situation.

The main Smart Cargo Management Module will be handled by the operator and is able to remotely control the container while obtaining real time information.


IoT is a emerging technology trend that is revolutionizing the workplace by changing the way we do things. As an newly developed IoT device, SMART Cargo posses functions that ensure a smoother and less time consuming process compared to the traditional method of conducting supply chain operations.

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