How SATS Helps You Stay Safe in a Pandemic

The COVID-19 wave has brought us shock and much disruption to many of our lives. Our lifestyles have seen acute changes since the Singapore government implemented a policy that decreed all retail shops, eateries, offices and many more to conduct mandatory temperature screening for all visitors and staff. This has started since the middle of the unprecedented year of 2020 and I’m sure every single one of you reading this article right now has, in one way or the other, experienced this change.

Although many businesses are keeping aligned with the governmental laws of conducting temperature screening, it is still quite evident that most of these businesses are still using the manual way of assigning an employee for the role. No matter the size of the traffic, these companies are using thermometer guns to fulfil this requirement.  

If you are a business owner, have you thought about the risk and inconvenience manual temperature screening may pose to you and your employees? Being exposed to tens or up to hundreds (depending on the location) of potential carriers of COVID-19 daily will increase the risk of the scanner being infected him or herself. Additionally, thermometer guns are notoriously inaccurate and unreliable.

To address the inaccuracy of thermometer guns and unreliability of manual screening, MaCh eX, a leading IoT Software developer, came up with the perfect solution – the Smart Auto Temperature Screening (SATS).

So, What Exactly is SATS?

Smart Auto Temperature Screening (SATS) is an automated system that does your work for you without the need to deploy a staff or a thermometer gun.

Features and Function (Flow Process)

SATS is a SMART temperature screening system that links perfectly with SafeEntry to act as a single automated system that works together to ensure both location tracking and temperature screening can be done concurrently to ensure safety for you customers and employees.

SATS is a HSA Certified Medical Device Class A, which means that our product is certified as safe to be used in hospitals and clinics. This certification proves our quality and credibility as a technological provider.

While using an infrared thermography, we are able to deliver fast and accurate results. The user will only need to scan the QR code once and the system will provide user-friendly instructions to guide them on the rest of the process.

Step 1 – Scanning QR Code

Users will scan the QR Code at the entrance of their desired location.

Before they are being directed to the Safe Entry check in portal, the app will display a page that would prompt the user to go to the SATS device for their temperature screening first.

Step 2 – Temperature Screening

The app will indicate the distance between the user’s forehead and the SATS device. He or she will need to adjust the distance accordingly to get their temperature taken.

Step 3 – Temperature Passed (Proceed to Safe Entry)

If the user has an acceptable temperature, they will be prompted to enter their personal particulars. After that, the user will be able to proceed to check in as usual at their desired destination.

To make things easier, the app remembers the particulars entered so there isn’t a need to go through the trouble of re-entering. Only after a person has taken their temperature would they be allowed to check in.

If a person only scans the QR code but skips or ignores the SATS device, entry will be forbidden as no Safe Entry check-in can be completed. This also minimizes the human error of missing out personnel when conducting manual screening.

Step 4 – Temperature Too High (Send SMS Alert)

However, if someone has a temperature higher than 37.5 degrees, a warning SMS will be activated and sent to the personnel in charge. Working with our very own SMART Door technology, sick employees won’t be able to enter the premises as the auto-lock function will be enabled once a high fever has been detected.

Why SATS is the BEST choice?

Given that the current Covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing and is likely to continue for some time, it is beneficial for your business to select the best measures to deal with the situation.

Taking into consideration the welfare of employees and healthy running of business operations, there are a few reasons why SATS is the best choice amongst others.

These are the reasons why we stand out:

  • MaCh eX’s SATS is the ONLY smart thermometer in the market to take all the tasks of temperature screening & QR code tracking into ONE single and fully integrated system where physical labour is NOT NEEDED.
  • We ensure that all must take their temperatures, otherwise they will not be allowed entry.
  • Our SATS device make sure that all temperature screenings are accounted for. Those who have passed the screening will be allowed to check in at SafeEntry. This will help to relieve the management of worries regarding sick visitors who tries to enter the premise without taking temperature.
  • The idea of one automated system eliminates unnecessary and extra manpower.
  • SATS helps avoid physical contact between two persons which also mean, lesser risk of infections.

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