Lower Your Technological Investment With This Grant

More and more companies are incorporating technology into their business operations and this trend is not dying anytime soon. In fact, it is growing as developers continue to research on how to exceed the limits of what technology can do for us.

One of the most popular trends is the Internet of Thing (IoT) devices and applications that assist in automating some of the tasks that employees do everyday. The catch is: lesser effort, but higher level of efficiency. As the leading developer of IoT devices, MaCh eX has developed a number of highly advanced and useful tools that fulfil certain needs for multiple business.

However, as much as it is an attractive or even necessary idea to invest in a certain technology or product, we cannot deny that technology can be pretty costly. Most companies will assess the quality of a product while taking into consideration the cost of investment. While this may be the usual situation, what if there is an ideal solution for you to purchase the necessary tech equipment at a much affordable cost?

Productivity Solution Grant (PSG) for SMEs – Offer Until December 2020

Poster to promote PSG for MaCh eX with emphasis on discount

PSG is an initiative started by the government to support and encourage investment in various kinds of technological solutions that support areas such as customer relationship management, data analytics, financial management, inventory tracking and more.

It is specifically catered to SMEs due to their generally lower budget and greater need for expansion compared to bigger companies. The list of solutions that have already been approved are assessed by government agencies such as Enterprise Singapore, National Environmental Agency (NEA) and Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

Who is eligible for the PSG?

• Business entity that is registered/incorporated in Singapore
• At least 30% local shareholding
• Company’s Group Annual Sales Turnover of not more than S$100 million, or Company’s Group Employment Size of not more than 200 workers
• Purchase/lease/subscription of the Equipment or IT Solution must be used in Singapore

How do I apply for the PSG?

STEP 1: Reach out to us for a quotation here
STEP 2 : Submit the Quotation to Business Grant Portal at www.businessgrants.gov.sg
STEP 3 : Enterprise Singapore will send approval with Letter of Offer within a few days
STEP 4 : Make the payment, submit Letter of Offer, Quotation to MaCh eX
STEP 5: Submit the DO/Invoice/Receipt at Business Grant Portal for claims for delivery & installation

To find out more about SFEC, you can go here, or download the Step-By-Step Submission Guide

Smart Auto Temperature Screening Solution (SATS) – MaCh eX approved IoT solution for all businesses

MaCh eX has newly launched an automatic scanning thermometer that could serve as your technological solution to the current COVID-19 crisis. As a business owner, SATS will deliver multiple benefits in one simple package that is not present anywhere else.

It functions as a visitor flow management tool that automates and streamlines the temperature taking and SafeEntry tracking process into one simple direction while providing data records and in-built safety features.

Displayed below is the greatly discounted pricing that you can get if you purchase SATS through the PSA before December 2020. If you would like to more about how SATS works and its importance to your business, you can read more about them at our blog.

Table of SATS device’s pricing after applying for PSG

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