Shipment Delay – inevitable crisis?

Logistics is an ongoing operations of many companies around the world across many industry and countries. It serves as the forefront of most people business model. The reason is very simple yet fundamental, a large portion of the economy is driven by manufacture and sale of goods and products that reach the uses of common people.

As long as there is a demand for consumer goods that ranges from electronics, to there will be a need to meet the high demand worldwide. Supplies such as raw materials and location of production may differ due to factors such availability of factories and raw materials. Thus, It is inevitable that supply chain flow will be linked to other countries and most likely is also the first step in the process.

As a result, it is not hard to imagine the outcome if this crucial process is being stagnant for an extended period of time. The COVID-19 pandemic has lead to many inconvenience around the world due to the safety restriction in place worldwide. Regardless of the problems it gives the economy, it is a necessary precaution for preventing future chaos. So, what most people and business have done is to adapt to the changes through various methods.

Despite that, logistics is one such process where no matter the circumstances, it remains vital and is still currently ongoing and functioning as per normal. In fact, some quarantine has lead to a increase demand is faster speed delivery so the pressure for quality supply chain management is rising.

Even though the process is necessary, the situation of COVID-19 has create a huge problem for many company as their cargo remain stuck as a particular location not being able to move out. Near Los Angeles, several container ships have been stuck at the port for a long period of time due to the lack of workers availability causing the time delay.

Not only other countries but Singapore is also facing this hurdle as well. As more and more people are staying at home due to the restriction, the activity of online shopping and delivery has drastically risen as a result. Since it is unlikely that the trend will be stopped or decrease anytime soon, it is imperative for companies to adapt a strategy that could deal with the cargo handling at ports.

One such method can could be applied is through technological solution to replace or enhance manual operations in response to the lack of human labour. Our SMART Logistic Solution(SLS) is capable of doing just that through out IoT based functionality. With live tracking of location and cargo data on the road and warehouse, you will be able to efficiently plan your movement flow to reduce the probability of such case from occurring again.

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