This is the Most Suitable Thermometer for your Business

Thermometers have started to be more prominent on the market since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, which gave rise to the implementation of measurements such as the mandatory temperature screening for all visitors.

As a result, this has created a huge rise in demand for thermometer for businesses around Singapore. Necessary temperature screening not only takes place in clinics or hospitals in this new climate; we too are paying more attention to the release and development of new thermometers models. However, given that it has become a mandatory purchase, more and more business owners are looking to get a thermometer for their own long term usage.

If this sounds like you and are looking to either purchase a new thermometer or replace your current one, read on for our comparison of some of the choices in the market against our very own product, SATS. This may help you make a better choice based on your needs.

No specific brand is used in this comparison, other than our own.

Why an Automatic Thermometer Over a Manual one?

As shown from the table above, auto thermometers are likely be a better choice as compared to those manual designs with high quality. This is because they possess the following characteristics that provide an edge over their manual counterparts:

1) Safety – Through elimination of the need for close physical interaction, auto thermometers create safety for both participants involved as the risk of infection is greatly reduced. In the current time period, safety is definitely a top priority.

2) Approachable – Even though it is a necessary part of the routine, some visitor may be uncomfortable walking up to the person and letting them scan their forehead while waiting that 1-2 secs until they hear the ‘beep’.

Why Choose SATS Over Other Auto-Thermometers?

Compact size – When compared to Manual or auto thermometers out there, the SATS is relatively small and compact due to its miniature nature. This makes it easier to move around and change positions if necessary.

Ease of Installation – Minimum effort is required for installation as there is an in-built Wi-Fi available that allows for a quicker set up. It does not have to be restricted to location near walls or doors. It could be placed anywhere that the user prefers. It could be moved as easily to other locations even after installation.

Auto-Direct to SafeEntry – One unique function SATS possess is that it could direct the visitor to SafeEntry straight away after the temperature has been recorded.

Time sensitive offer – Currently, there is an ongoing offer that allows up to 80-98% off of the original price. This is due to the PSG initiative that the government launched to support SMEs technological growth. This offer only lasts until the end of December so do check it out soon!

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